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Главная » .2010 » Март » 23 » GMFF News

GM Flora and 
FaunaDear Friends,

This time GMFF Team would like to report you about our trip to the WFF New
One - Caerlaverock National Nature Reserve (GMFF-011).

Early in the morning on Saturday, 20th March, 2010 we successfully arrived
at the nature reserve after a few hours of driving from Glasgow. Our usual
GMFF DX-pedition call sign MM0DGR/p has been used during  this activation.
The station was located at the Caerlaverock Castle south of Bowhouse on the
north coast of the Solway Firth (NY018651). Some important references for
your records are - WAB Square: NY06; Grid Locator: IO84GW; Latitude:
54°58'16''N; Longitude: 03°32'07''W, EU Area: SC06 (Dumfries and Galloway),
IOTA: EU-005, WLOTA: LH-1234.

Our small DX-pedition consisted of me (MM0DFV) and Anna (not a radio
amateur, just a friend of our family). This was quite unusual move since a
lady joined the GMFF DX-pedition for the first time ever. I must admit and
appreciate Anna's help and assistance during our stay at the nature reserve.
She fittingly followed me through all these mudflats, sandbanks, bushes, and
saltmarsh without a sign on a caprice or weakness despite the bad rainy
weather in the morning and all these miles we had to walk. When I was busy
working the pile-ups Anna has managed to take so many nice pictures and
movies, especially at the Caerlaverock Castle and the surrounded area. She
even gave me a hand to install and later to dismantle my portable antenna
system. I wish you all guys to have a wee brave lady in your team like Anna.
And last but not least, a cup of hot coffee and something to have a bite
have been always given right on time.

We had to spend a few hours to walk around the nature reserve and to learn
this attractive place. The size of the nature reserve is impressive. Being
naive explorers we have delved into the mudflats and sandbanks quite far
away from the actual shore line at the low tide without knowing the fact and
risk to be disappeared in the quicksands and fast flowing tides. That was
completely my fault and liability since I have missed this big warning sign
at the car park. We were lucky enough to come back safely.

After a few hours of walking the weather has been settled as dry and sunny
for the rest of the day. The place was a little bit busy during the day with
a few visitors arriving on their cars, but nobody came to us with
inquisitive questions despite of unusual amateur radio station, quite
visible vertical antenna, and loud CW and SSB signals rumbled across the car
park. The antenna and equipment were as always: 9 meter-high Vertical with
CG-5000 automatic antenna coupler, Icom IC-706MKIIG transceiver, HLA-300
Plus HF power amplifier, MFJ-870 SWR & power meter, and so on. After
approximately 8 hours of operation on CW, SSB and BPSK63 I have made 800
QSOs in total. I had to take part in the Russian DX Contest for a few hours
to let you have GMFF-011 in your logs guys on 20 and 40 meter bands. Most
impressive pile-up I had on 10 MHz, really impressive one. The best DX QSO
was made on 10 MHz with R1ANP from the Progress Russian research station in
Antarctica. The entire propagation was good on all bands from 7 to 18 MHz.
This allowed me to make many contacts on 10 and 18 MHz with North American
and Japanese stations, some of them were coming with 20 - 30 dB over S9

Thanks to all who called and spotted me!

For more information, pictures and video please visit our web site at
www.gmff.org (See Reports page).

73 de MM0DFV


This news has been forwarded from the EUFF Mailing Reflector organized by
the GMFF Team from Scotland for English-speaking people to share their news
and reports about planning and past WFF DX-peditions, to discuss various
questions related to the World Flora and Fauna activity, especially in
Europe. Everybody will be heard and answered there! You can join it at

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